Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Gotta Have a Purpose, Because Every Blog Has a Purpose

For anyone reading this christening post of Magical Girl Studios, welcome and thanks for visiting!

At this moment, this blog is ridiculously sparse. Default template, no profile image, no fancy header. It's kind of ridiculously bare bones. But considering Magical Girl Studios is very bare bones right now, I think it's appropriate.

What is Magical Studios? To put it bluntly: a one woman visual novel/Ren'Ai game development team.

A couple of years ago, I discovered Ren'Py, a visual novel engine created by PyTom and written in Python. Ren'Py is hardly a plug-n-chug engine - it requires basic knowledge of Python. Luckily, if you're code-tarded (like I am), there is plenty of assistance to be found via tutorials and the LemmaSoft forums.

I'm currently developing my Bishojo title in Ren'Py. Slowly but surely, the game is getting finished.

I do it all - art, writing, coding, the works. And pretty much strictly as a hobby. My goal in creating original English language freeware is to spread the influence of these games, get more people interested, and more games brought over the west and translated into English from Japan.

I'm a HUGE fan of these games. Visual novels, Eroge, Dating Sims - any Ren'Ai game is pretty much a hit in my book. So when I'm not making vague posts about progress/art/whatever, this blog will definitely be devoted to any VN I'm currently playing.

Hopefully the blog will also get a bit spiffier in the future.

Thanks so much for reading! Hope exciting things are in store for MGStudios!

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