Monday, November 29, 2010

The Post About the Boring Part

What, exactly, is the "fun" part about making a game?

Is it the writing, the art, the combining of the elements to make a finished product? The voice acting, the releasing? The promotion?

I think you'll get varied answers depending on who you ask.

I haven't gotten very far in the game-making process, mind you. The farthest I've gotten is the writing element, which can be awesome fun, but also really hard work. Not to mention, and I'll just come out and say this, there are some parts that can be downright boring.

Like right now, I'm probably on the most boring part of my latest work. Right now I'm going back and tying up all the ends I left REALLY loose. Most of them will have to be cleaned up during the editing process. But going back and catching all those little narrative screw-ups is tedious at best.

I'm not a detail-oriented person, so going back and fixing up details is pretty boring to me. What's the boring part of making a game to you guys? The exciting part?