Saturday, April 17, 2010

Moe Muffins Can Go Die, K Thx

So I'm currently playing "Da Capo" courtesy of MangaGamer. I enjoyed the demo enough to want to buy a copy during their big sale. It has some likable characters, my favorites being Mako, Moe and Nemu. Kotori is also interesting. But this girl up here drives me BONKERS.

She's annoying, to put it bluntly. Also the fact that she looks like she's twelve freaks me out even if it's a plot point. Sakura shows up to harass the hero and I'm supposed to find this somehow endearing? Luckily if you manage to avoid her you see very little of this character after the beginning of the game.

I'll tell you one archetype you'll never see in a game I make: the moe-blob. That is, the loli, wide-eyed, annoying uber kawaii baby-doll of a girl. I personally HATE these types of girls, and while I know Japanese VNs are full of them, I just can't stand all the "desus" and "Uwaaaahhs!".

Da Capo has a few characters who do dangle close to the moe-blob edge. I mean, they're all pretty wide-eyed and have been known to make cute, uncalled for noises at times. But at least Nemu has a sense of responsibility that's very likable and anti-moe-blob and Moe's charming if only for her narcolepsy.

I have no problem with a younger character. I have no problem with a cute or ditsy character. But a character who literally behaves closer to a newborn kitten than to a human being? No thank you. I like my women with little to no fluff brain, thanks so much.