Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Edelweiss Thoughts

As many of you probably know - Mangagamer.com is a relatively new entrant into the field of commercially translated VNs. Despite being a fledgling company, they've developed partnerships with relatively large VN studios, most notably Overdrive and Circus.

I'm currently working through my first Mangagamer title - Edelweiss.

The summary on the Mangagamer website is completely inaccurate and displays the title as nothing but a pointless sex romp. Such myths have been debunked via BBS and forums, but the misrepresentation is a little upsetting. Still, I, being female, am not a fan of the sex romps, so I was actually happily surprised by the sheer narrative content that Edelweiss offers.

The translation is horrible. No holds barred. This was Mangagamer's first title and it shows. The game is riddled with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sometimes even blatant translation errors.

Still, the game is playable to the point where you can still enjoy the story. It's very episodic - generally funny (sometimes naughtily so) episodes of the hero (Kazushi) and his three doofus friends make up the main content of this game. There are few choices, and I've heard that only one really makes any difference as to your ending. I've yet to test this, as I'm still working through my first playthrough.

I'll update when I'm done - give you my thoughts and whatnot.

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